Delicious is a social bookmarking website where members are able to bookmark any web-based content and have it available online regardless of where they access the web.  Delicious allows you to manage and share your links with others if you choose to (or keep them private) and you can also ‘follow’ other users to keep updated on the links and stacks created by others.

Getting started is easy, once you have a Delicious account you can save links by simply copying and pasting a URL into ‘+ link’ or add a Delicious ‘bookmarklet’ to your browser toolbar to ‘instantly’ save any link.  Stacks are a new feature for Delicious where similar links can be grouped together to create some visually stunning displays with images brought over from your web-links by the Delicious ‘image fetcher’.

I enjoy using Delicious because I bookmark many websites on every PC that I use, and find it annoying when I’m unable to access my ‘work’ favourites at home or vice versa.  So, Delicious is great for me because I can have all those bookmarks set up in pretty visual stacks and they’re accessible no matter which PC I happen to be using at the time.

Initially, as a group of users new to Delicious, it appeared to the INF206 cohort that it was not very intuitive to use, and much discussion was held trying to troubleshoot Delicious.  My interest was piqued after some comments were made regarding the sale of Delicious and on further investigation into AVOS, the new owners, I found this link where they comment on Nov 9, 2011 that they are “focussed on making the bookmarking process more automated and supported by intuitive search” by using link saving service So it appears it is very much a work in progress at the present time and with luck should become easier to use.

I can see the benefit of using Delicious in many different types of organisations, from libraries of all description, through to business organisations and educational institutes, where user groups can easily create lists of web-links to save, store and share information online.

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